get ONLINE, get LOCAL, get SOCIAL, get MOBILE, & get SALES

What is Xtremeology?

Xtremeology is the art of utilizing strategies, systems, and software platforms that captivate, convert, and cultivate clients.

Our training system includes 1-year training and products that focus on 5 simple ingredients help you grow your business.

The complete system is $2500 for the first year for the bundled program or take one course at time for only $500. (remember these courses 101, 102, 103, and 104 INCLUDE products). We do offer special discounts and the use of promo codes on this program to help you either get your business running or take your business to the next level.

After your one-year training program is complete you can decide how much or how little your business needs.  Convert to a monthly program or just use the products either way we have  easy options that help you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Let Us Help Programs or Product options. 

Check Out XTREMEOLOGY Courses either by each course module or the complete bundle Get Started Today!



Design, Hosting, and Training on building your website using Xtreme Website Builder Platform. Includes: 1 year hosting


Start adding your business to local listings and ranking reports. Manage your reputation with review management. Includes: 1-year access


Social Media Management platform. All-in-one platform to help you schedule your social media postings, access link frames, and analyze the most valued reporting profiles like Google Analytics. Includes: 1-year access up to 10 profiles


PWA Mobile App. Get found and learn about the future of mobile app and marketing.

Includes: 1 -year access


Learn how to create your weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly marketing campaign with list building and email templates and automation using MailChimp. Captivate NEW customers, Convert with simple funnels and process, and Cultivate your current customers by keeping them informed. *MailChimp is FREE up to 2000 emails. MailChimp products must be purchased through MailChimp directly.  We teach you how to connect your Website, Local, Social, and Mobile products and knowledge to help you GET SALES.


We help Xtreme Business Guide members and small business owners learn how to GET clients! How many leads are coming into your inbox?


Once you have a client are you providing ways to grow your relationship with that client? What other services are you providing?


Retention is Key. Having happy healthy clients keeps your retention high. It's harder to find a new customer than to keep a current one!


After working in the technology training industry and the sales and marketing industry the one thing we learned was how to take the in class experience and bring it online.  Our brains gather tons of data on a daily basis. We sift through the junk to bring you the important stuff and best of all we do this so that way you can understand then retain. We also make this easy for you go to back through a course when you are ready to apply or "do" a specific task for your business. We get it! You are busy but you know you must learn to stay ahead. Let Us Help! Quick Lessons, Quick Training, Right to the Point with measurable results.

Our training model is proven to help our students learn and retain information.

Have a pen and a notepad ready. I like to get right to the point because I know you have a business to run. Depending on your learning style I might go a little fast so just hit the pause button anytime. I don't want you to miss a thing! Just be sure to take the time to learn, practice, and apply.


The ULTIMATE System that INCLUDES Products & Training!

When You're Successful So Are We!

101: get ONLINE

Do you have a business website? Are you using your website to get customers? Getting your business online is your #1 goal.  See how we help you get more customers using the power of call to actions and company information. We don't just a build a website we make sure all of our clients have access to tons of training and support to make sure your website is helping you achieve your goals.

102:  get LOCAL

Are your clients and potential clients able to find you? Let Us help you with your Local SEO by helping you get listed on the top local directories, apps, & maps.  How about your local reputation? Reputation Management has become more and more important. See how your ranking with our ranking report.

103: get SOCIAL

We get it! Social Media takes time and effort. First you want to know which social media platforms to focus on and then you want to master your profiles.  Xtreme Social helps you set-up and manage your social media profiles, schedule and monitor posts, automate your schedule and review analytics with easy to ready simplified report. 

104: get MOBILE

Mobile is everywhere!  We either make sure your website is 100% mobile responsive and mobile ready.  If your business needs more our PWA mobile app helps with a few extras.  Mobile Apps help with retention - Keep your current customers coming back!  Create a loyalty plan, blog, and much more.  We have simple mobile app design tool to help your business get mobile.

105: get SALES

Creating a sales and marketing plan is a MUST. We use all of our products to provide  the most complete marketing solutions just right for your business.  A working website, email automation, and social interaction all work together.  Our system helps to ensure everything is working together. Let us help you set-up your process to start getting sales.



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