John T. Snelson V & Heidi

"For When You Say I Do the answer to every question is Yes we do!" 

INSIDER QUESTIONS: John T. Snelson V & Heidi

How do you succeed and prosper with your Service?

By not completing a service until the couple is satisfied with my services.

How do you run a thriving operation?

Couple by couple and treat every client as if I were them.

How do you market and sell your services?

Online, social media, active online presence in as many markets as possible.

How should a new company like yours price their services?

Research the market area for pricing and use it as a base point however you need to adjust it to cover your overhead. Do not just charge a rate because someone else charges the rate.

How much of your annual budget is dedicated to marketing and advertising?

Whatever is necessary according to what is producing results; I start and stop things based on the effectiveness of the campaign.

In what ways are networking, blogging, and social marketing incorporated into your business?

Networking is #! Without it I would not have anyone to refer clients to, I do not rely on it for me to receive leads as much as me being able to provide multiple services because of my Networking. Social marketing is being active answering questions and assisting other people’s needs through posts and forums. I do not personally post as much as I should and I do not blog.

How do you integrate customer service into your Service?

Customer Service is what I provide it is not integrated because it is the only service I provide verses a product. My service and profession do not exist without customer service.

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