Katie Brown, Velvet Sage Photography

This is Me: Wild. Adventurous. Crazy. Fun. Shy. Determined. Real. Fresh. Simple. Happy. Lovely. Beautiful. Quirky. Weird. Bohemian. Hippie. Rockstar. Kind. Earthbound. Wanderlust-ed. Gypsy-soul. Traveler. Detailed. Ambitious. Passionate. Incredible. Loving.

Enhance life's experiences. Our mission to to provide each client a creatively filled, adventurous experience. We strive to make sure each individual takes the time to soak in the thrill of the amazing journey they are on. Every person deserves to walk away with beautiful keepsakes, pieces of art for their homes and a full heart, ready for their next big adventure.

"Enhance Life's Experiences"


How do you succeed and prosper with your Service? 

With any small business there is a huge learning curve which is why I have vowed never to stop learning. I am continually becoming more and more of an expert in my field, which helps me, stay a little ahead of everyone else. I am constantly curious! 

How do you run a thriving operation?

My customer service kicks ass! I have my ideal client figured out down to their favorite lipstick shade. I know who they are, where they shop, what the like, what they don’t like and what they appreciate. My reviews are consistent. Meaning that I have people not only saying nice things about me but THE SAME nice things. I provide a level of care that is unmatched! 

How do you market and sell your services? 

Marketing is a constant struggle. The more I get out face to face with people the more I hear back from them. I don’t do it nearly enough but I am working on it. Selling is another concept that sort of eludes me, in the traditional sense of selling anyway. I try to be as genuine and kind as I can be and I think that reflects on my business in a way that shows the people that I work with that I am worth it. 

How should a new company like yours price their services?

Price your worth. Be your worth. Pricing is completely personal. You need to determine what you feel you are worth, price accordingly and stick to it. It doesn’t matter so much about what your starting point is, only that you are comfortable with it and you don’t try to justify it to people who don’t see your worth. They are not your ideal client, thank them and move on.

How much of your annual budget is dedicated to marketing and advertising?

Ick. I don’t keep close enough track of this to give solid m=numbers. That is mostly due to the fact that I am still experimenting. Most of my marketing comes from physical materials that I can hand people.

In what ways are networking, blogging, and social marketing incorporated into your business?

Sadly, social media has taken over my life. It’s unfortunately a necessary part of running a small business. You need to be constantly a part of your ideal clients lives. Not in a spammy way, but sharing your content as well as content from other sites and businesses that you think your ideal clients would enjoy. You also need to share a certain amount of your personal life into it or behind the scenes snap chat and instagram stories at least. I use my blog to highlight that things I want potential clients to see, mixed with a healthy dose of articles written to help with what I perceive their problems to be. Give them solutions to their biggest problems, that is a part of being an expert in your field.

How do you integrate customer service into your Service?

Customer service is EVERYTHING. Without it I wouldn’t exist. This is why I have crafted a level of customer care that is unmatched by anyone else. I meet in person for EVERYTHING. Before they hire me, during the process and for their reveal. I help them choose products based on their home and lifestyle, I remember birthdays and special events. I encourage them to slow down and enjoy each experience to its fullest. We make time during sessions to have fun and be goofy. I don’t hide who I am, I am the real me (I cuss, I drink beer, I love tattoos, etc.) which I feel makes my ideal client feel like they truly get to know me.


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